In Today’s World, the Job Market is quite diverse and challenging at the same time. One aspect that has risen is the usage of artificial intelligence (AI) in the hiring process. The progression in the usage of AI has definitely implanted a seed of doubt in the minds of job seekers. However, this might not be entirely true as job seekers are still getting good job opportunities.

How they are still getting such good opportunities rather than most are not. There are ways that conquer the AI landscape if you act smart and align with new technology parameters. It will increase the probability of your winning. If you align the AI tools with the systematic strategy you will be one step ahead and more likely suited to the role.

Craft Your Resume

First thing first, craft your resume. Your resume is an arsenal of your victory. However, there are many job seekers who want to make a good craft resume but still struggle with the process of crafting it. There are several AI tools that will help you craft your resume in accordance with the job requirements. It will increase your chance and probability of being selected for a job interview. According to the ResumeBuilder, the stats indicate that around 70 percent of job seekers who have used the ChatGPT to write or craft their resume have increased their chances of getting a response from hiring managers. Furthermore, around 78 percent end up in the interview round and 59 percent get the Job. Here are some examples of how the craft your resume with AI:

  • Kickresume
  • Rezi
  • Skillroads

These kinds of tools are quite intelligent in regard to focusing on the object rather than other unnecessary features. In some cases, you need to fill in some essential credentials like – job title, skills you hold, and many more depending upon the nature of AI tools. Despite the fact that these are very useful, remember to edit a bit as it should not look more robotic. It should look more like a human-generated resume rather than AI-written. Bonus point: You can use AI tools like Jobscan and SkillSyncer to make your resume more appealing and distinctive than others.

Create a Interview Scenario with AI

AI not only makes your resume more craft and elegant, but it also has the power to create an environment based on your futuristic interview environment. There are some AI-powered interview coaching tools like – Interview Warmup from Google and Yoodli’s AI Interview Coach. It can help you to practice a mock interview. With instant feedback, you can improve and make necessary improvements. These tools provide an interview experience with some other benefits:

  • Help you to do customized feedback for making further improvements.
  • It also provides feedback related to your body, language, tone of voice, and how you address some interview questions.

Matching with Your Job

When recruiters use AI to simplify their recruiting process, you can also do the same things for your job search. There are numerous jobs in the market but which one to choose becomes the important question. You use AI filters to choose the best options for you in accordance with the skills you have, and skills you want to improve on. Finally, when it comes to finding suitable opportunities, there are some platforms like Talentprise and Pyjama Jobs. These platforms are designed for remote positions. Finally, the last tool you can use for Fortay is the best opportunity to identify the best company based on the quiz question of your preferences and job descriptions.

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