Exploit IT to improve operational efficiency.

Improve the quality of your service and create a world-class delivery model with our IT-enabled services.

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Leverage Progressive
Technologies for Extreme Value

With our IT-intensive professional services, you leverage the benefits of business process outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing from a distant location, delivered via telecom networks.

Get high-performing teams for telemarketing, helpdesk, customer support, data warehousing, transcription centers, GIS mapping for transport tracking, and more.


Eliminate bottlenecks to reduce the loss in time and revenue. Improve efficiency and control throughout your organization to increase productivity and compliance, resulting in improved business performance and better customer experience.

Data & Analytics

With data and analytics at your perusal, you experience informed decision-making and streamlined operations. Mitigates risks and setbacks while enhancing security and personalizing customer experience through actionable insights.


Reduce operational costs by migrating to the cloud - save on upgrading systems, purchasing new hardware or software, and hiring expert professionals to manage your IT infrastructure or resources. What’s more, you save on power consumption as well.


Increase trust, security, transparency, and traceability of all the data that is shared on the business network to deliver increased efficiency and improved cost savings. With its heightened encryption, data can only be accessed by only a few authorized users.

How does ITeS benefit your business?

Increased business flexibility

Reduced operational costs

Faster change response

Increased speed of business

Enhanced effectiveness of processes

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