The COVID-19 pandemic has shown IT companies that it is important to have second options. There are two ways of working in IT industries that introduce new cultures like remote work or normal regular work. After the pandemic, both ways of working remain normal work models.

Its main goal is to focus on employee satisfaction and have a flexible work arrangement. It remains the priority for new companies as it is the best way to save money and resources. This mode of work can be implemented in a startup or a multinational corporation. However, it is important to point out that such flexibility can lead to compromised productivity. After all, flexibility should lead to productivity. It requires a good structure and a little shift in mindset.

Determine the most suitable flexible work arrangement

There are several models of flexible work arrangements. Let’s dive into such an arrangement as it leads to a smooth working environment.

  • Remote work options: This type of work can be performed from anywhere.
  • Job sharing: In this type, one or two employees perform a particular type of job work. This kind of arrangement leads to less work pressure and increases employee problem-solving capability.
  • Part-time work over Full-time work: There are a lot of employees who don’t want to do a full-time job but are inclined towards part-time job opportunities. This way companies have a good option to have skilled talents.
  • Adopt Flexitime: Now, this feature has multiple options for employees to choose their suitable working hours. This way employees are independent to have a choice to fulfill their commitment and have productivity at the same time.
  • Schedule Management: Employees can balance their high-peak workloads and soon after that, an extra day to rest. It’s like a 4-day work week.

Some Guidelines and Policies

The main aspect of flexible work arrangements is the freedom associated with them. However, it becomes crucial to know the clear policies and guidelines as it can lead to some kind of misuse. The importance of clear policies can help to reduce confusion and maintain productivity. This will lead to business results in the long term. Here are some points to consider while deciding the policies:

  1. Team Harmony
  2. Attendance
  3. Staff Availability
  4. Clear Communication
  5. Swift Response Times
  6. Childcare Backup Plans

Technology Investment

Sure, there are many benefits associated with the flexible work arrangement. It is important to know that there are also several challenges for companies. First, dealing with and managing different locations and schedules of various employees. Therefore, it is a step towards investing in the right technologies to streamline workflow.

Furthermore, companies can even understand the requirements of employees. Even provide laptops, headsets, and other gadgets for employees who are working remotely. Finally, provide a secure internal system for data sharing and communication.

Good communication and collaboration

It is important to have clear communication as it will help to manage the different locations and schedules. Companies should provide a good communication channel as there will be no lack of communication. It will ensure that employees can share their ideas with other employees with ease. There are some ways where companies can introduce cross-department initiatives. These firms maintain a virtual calendar so that employees can communicate with each other. Another point: regularly maintain audio and video communication channels as it provides a smooth employee collaboration.

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