In the world of Talent acquisition, there are two ways to approach new talent – the traditional approach, where you select talent in accordance with the degree or experience they are holding, and a nonconventional way where you select based on the Skill they have. Both ways to approach a new talent seem somehow outdated if you are not willing to introduce AI technology for better results. If we take both approaches, the first one totally relies on the candidate’s qualifications rather than skill for the particular job.

On the other hand, in skills-based hiring, whether a candidate does not match a certain standard but still holds the skill to perform his duty, then the chance of the candidate being selected increases. In this article, we introduce some light on skills-based hiring. It also examines the benefits for both employers and candidates and how implementing AI will provide new insight into this topic.

Evolution of Skill-Based Hiring

According to some recent data or surveys, it has been mentioned that the hiring managers know the value of Skill-Based Hiring. Hiring managers prefer this process and also reflect on the increasing stats. As for the stats, in the same survey, it has been mentioned that around 82 percent of hiring managers prefer skill-based hiring over degree-centric hiring. This showcases the shift in mindset of hiring recruiters who are now acknowledging the skill to some degree. Hence, after following this procedure, the job performance of candidates is much higher than others.

There are some surveys indicating that from 2017 to 2019, employers will reduce the degree requirement by around 46 percent for middle-skill candidates and 31 percent for high-skilled positions. One factor that can’t be negligent is the effect of COVID-19. It is observed that the shift happened after the pandemic, around 76 percent of hiring departments rely on skills-based hiring.

Benefits of Skills-Based Hiring

There are some benefits of Skills-based Hiring that will help hiring managers in the long run of the recruiting world. Here are some benefits:

Hiring Diversity

In a hiring world, there will always be diversity in hiring a suitable candidate. What skills-based hiring does is open up opportunities for candidates as it focuses more on their skills in different areas of the job description or beyond sometimes rather than traditional qualifications. A skills-based hiring approach promotes diversity rather than the same kind of recruiting process. This will help talents to find suitable or desirable jobs by relying on skills.

Assessment accuracy

The basic method that recruiters follow is focusing more on the specific skills for a particular role. Candidates must come under those specific parameters. In the traditional way, certain parameters should be followed rather than totally focused on the candidate’s skills. A skills-based hiring allows a recruiter to follow whatever skill is aligned with the success of that particular job description. It helps to use the potential of candidates to bring diversity to the table.

The ability to adapt and change in accordance

Some industries have aligned new AI technology to their workload. This helped skill-based hiring to reach new heights as it will highlight the skills in any particular resume in the whole hiring process. Technology advancement shifts the gear into more skills-based hiring. Now the candidates are more focused on their skills rather than only just qualifying or completing the degree. Skills become the most important aspect of the recruiting process, which is a good and progressive sign in the long run.

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