When you are on the journey to land your dream job, you need to appear for several interviews and answer the questions correctly. But what could be the right answer to the interview question ‘why are you the best person for this job’? Our career experts at Voyager Partners will tell you everything you need to know, so that you can answer it in your own style every time the interviewer asks you the question.

How To Answer ‘Why Are You The Best Person For This Job?’ Perfectly

Before you know how to answer this question perfectly, you need to know the whys behind the question. Why does the employer / interviewer ask you this question? Let us explain it in simpler terms.

Why Do Employers / Interviewers Ask ‘Why Are You The Best Person For This Job’?

The first and foremost reason why an interviewer asks this is because they want to ascertain whether you understand the role and your self – confidence for the job position. Your aim would be to help them understand why you are the best fit for the job by bringing out your skills and qualities. They may ask the question in a roundabout way such as ‘what makes you the best fit for this position?’ etc.

Other reasons to ask this type of question include the following.

  • To check what makes you stand apart from the others in terms of qualifications required for the job.
  • To give them a clear impression that you fully understand what the job position needs and what you need as a job candidate.
  • Examine your level of confidence in terms of being able to do the job the right way.
  • To see how you handle challenging situations.

How To Answer ‘Why Are You The Best Person For This Job’?

There are a few steps to providing the employer / interviewer with a strong answer of your own. You need to begin with the research and move towards molding the answer to your personality, as said by career experts at Voyager Partners. You can find out the details below.

Go through the job listing.

The first step to do after you get the call for the interview is reviewing the job listing and going through the details mentioned in the job description. Especially review the areas which mention the company’s requirements or qualifications and try to match them with your existing skills during the interview as you answer the questions.

Research the organisation.

The next step is where you find out everything about the organisation. Go through its website and reviews, history and founders to find out what you will be dealing with if you are selected for the position.

List your strengths according to the job description.

Make a list of your strengths, professional skills, etc. that you are proud of, and match them with the job description in step 1. Narrow your list down to only 7 skills that are a great fit according to the position you have applied for.

Back your strengths with real life examples.

Prepare yourself to back your strengths with real life examples of how your strength helped solve a problem or find a solution, etc. Prefer choosing professional examples over personal ones, but they work as well.

Rehearse the basics.

Do not parrot out your answer. Instead, learn the basics of what your answer should be like. Write it down and go through it a few times so you know how to answer when the opportunity arises. Experts at Voyager Partners wish you the best for nailing the interview!

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