When new priorities rise up, the scope of your work changes. This gives you a better opportunity for new projects, advancements and growth. But it doesn’t necessarily include a new title or increased monetary compensation. It might be that a team member has left and you’re handling it for some time or stepping up to fill the gap. It is time for the next step; time to get a promotion. Join Voyager Partners in knowing all about it.

All You Need To Know About A Promotion At Workplace

What is a promotion? Does it include a raise?

If we are speaking technically, a promotion means shifting someone to raise them to a higher level at the workplace. This means a change of title from the previous one to the position higher than that, but it does not necessarily involve a pay raise. However, a raise is optional when accompanying a promotion, and it usually depends on your manager, company, workload, etc.

Before going down this path of asking for a promotion or pay raise, consider what you want the result to be thoroughly. Does this higher – level role really represent all the new duties of your current position? Or you want a higher income but are fine with keeping the same job title? These things matter when you want to think about your career growth at the workplace.

Why should you ask for a promotion?

Now, there may be times when you have work heaping on you. Experts at Voyager Partners say that at this stage, you are tired, frustrated and angry. At such times, a promotion hardly makes a significant difference. But when situations are not as dire, here are the reasons you may consider before you ask for a promotion at your workplace.

Increased workload / duties got more complex

Check out the employees at your position in other companies, figure out their duties. If you are doing too much work compared to them, it is time to build a case for getting a promotion. However, we will suggest that you ensure that you are not burning yourself out. This is because once you get a promotion, you will be expected to continue that level of work every single day.

Challenging or advanced workload

Consider the types of projects you have been recently working on. Have you gained direct reports in the reporting structure of your company? If you are working at complex positions and / or your work directly affects the company and you have been supervising people (or more people than before), that rings the bell for a promotion as well!

Did you hit the wall?

Many companies ask the employees to create periodic goals for themselves. If you have achieved all there is to achieve, and there is nothing left to challenge or stimulate you in your current job position, now would be a good time to get a promotion. That way, you can challenge yourself and improve your performance further.
So, don’t shy away from asking for a promotion if you feel that you are ready to take the next step in your career ladder. Our experts at Voyager Partners wish you the best!

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