Running a successful business often involves a lot of paradigms and strategies. In the modern world where every type of thing or service is just a click away, it becomes a thing of paramount importance to choose the resources wisely and efficiently.

Core business processes can be strengthened by employing the right set of staffing solutions and individuals across the various domains of the end product. There are certain things along the supply chain that needs to be strengthened by employing best practices while there exists a pool of things that are better outsourced. Each company has a different strategy and thereby weak and solid points. The domains where a company lacks the expertise often should be outsourced to the business professionals that will bring forth on the table the desired results. It not only will save money but also make the process hassle-free.

IT staff augmentation is one such process which is a flexible outsourcing model that allows organizations to hire IT professionals globally and handle the augmented team directly. The key tenet of the model is to focus on IT staffing a project according to the current objective needs. IT team staff augmentation offers a great opportunity for IT organizations to get qualified and experienced developers whenever they require them without the hassle of conducting training and interviews, thus saving a lot of time and money.

Strengthening your core business with staff augmentation is more of an art in itself that the company needs to hone perfectly.

What exactly is staff augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is basically a remote hiring procedure of IT workers and developers rather than in-house hiring the talent that makes it an essential tool for every IT organization to stay up with rapidly changing agile environments. With technological globalization in place, it is possible to have remote developers that work smoothly on projects together. Offshore staff augmentation is the buzzword in today’s technological era.

Staff augmentation makes use of outside experts and specialists temporarily to augment one’s organizational capabilities and manage the team. It is basically an outsourcing strategy where one can hire dedicated developers to fill gaps in the project’s current business objectives.

How does IT staff augmentation work and strengthens the core business?

For the majority of companies, IT staff augmentation involves three core steps

Identification of the skill gap

During this stage of the ongoing project, the company determines the skill gap and will try to opt for remote specialists on a contract basis for a specific time period instead of hiring a developer for a longer time period.

Onboarding of recruiting staff

Once the developer is hired, the next step is smooth onboarding which is a process that makes the hired developer acquainted with the in-house team and fuse into the project with other team members.

Nurturing of augmented staff

In order to deliver exceptional values and expected results, the stage involves continuous learning and the development of new augmented IT staff in a comprehensive manner.

How to choose the right staff augmentation company

The following is the seven-pointer note that you should take into consideration to find the right staff augmentation partner.

  • Determining the skill gap
  • Based on the project requirements, identifying the type of services you need- long or short term
  • Offshore outsourcing is currently a favourable option. India is the popular name when it comes to opting for an offshore development company.
  • Determining the pocket-friendly rates, time zone differences and travel routes.
  • Identifying the best staff augmentation company by validating their portfolio and their development process.
  • Don’t forget to authenticate testimonials and references
  • Sign as NDA

Voyager partners is one such staff augmentation partner that you have been looking for a long. You can fill in any type of gap that you have been mired with professional help from voyager partners. We are specialists in providing both long-term and short-term professional requirements of companies through in-depth industry-related research from the wide talent pool across the globe. Voyager partners is known for professional conduct at every stage of the association with the companies.

Whether you need one developer or a team, voyager partners is offering flexible team augmentation services to enhance business growth. In the past also, we have helped a number of clients to bridge the demand-supply gap by offering top-tier front-end and back-end engineers backed by a client-centric service focus. Voyager partners is offering industry-leading seniors, juniors, and mid-level talent to fulfill your project and business requirements. You should leverage our top-notch IT staff augmentation services to ensure the smooth integration of remote developers into your existing team to help your business grow.

Why should you consider IT staff augmentation?

IT staff augmentation lets you primarily outsource manpower on a skill-requirement basis for a limited period of time and is also known as subcontracting. It not only is an ideal option but a viable choice for IT organizations looking for extra talent to scale quickly with a strategic vision. The model helps meets the deadlines of the company with lesser budgetary requirements.

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