One way if you look at the preparation, it is a fundamental aspect of cracking any interview process. During any job interview process, if you are acting smart in accordance with cracking an interview with proper preparation, the chance is quite high to succeed. Nowadays, there are two ways that interviews are conducted: Technical interviews and Nontechnical interviews. Here, we focus more on the technical aspect of the interview and how to focus and crack the norms of a technical interview.

In technical interviews, there are two ways interviews are conducted: a written round and a series of interviews depending on the interview process or company policies. To get a job position, it is important to prepare for both parts of the interview process as it will give to a better chance to win. Sometimes, even the experienced interviewees also intimated by technical rounds. So, it is important to understand that feeling nervous is part of the game and you dont have to embrace such feelings. Every firm has its own policy for conducting interview and each stage of this interview process are important and need to be focused on. Let’s understand what a really technical interview is.

Technical Interview: What Is It?

When interviewing for tech-heavy professions like engineering, product development, or design, a technical interview is sometimes undertaken. Your technical interview may also include an onsite or remote challenge, such as a whiteboard design challenge or a live coding test. In technical interviews, interviewers might assess a candidate’s technical proficiency, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking about the position for which they are applying. They may include brainteasers, technical assessment activities, numerical reasoning questions, and proficiency exams to gauge a candidate’s aptitude for problem-solving and coming up with solutions.

Technical Interviews Types

There are different types of Technical Interviews:

  • Phone interview: This might be a simple screen with a few background inquiries. For coding chances, you may be asked to respond in a shared Google Doc or collaborate on a shared editor like Coder Pad.
  • On-site Interview: In the technical component, you might have to respond to inquiries regarding a certain subject, process, or item. You might be asked to lead a group presentation or draw a solution on a whiteboard.
  • Re-interview online assessment: Some firms employ an online basic knowledge test or a coding activity to narrow down an application pool. This could happen either before or after the phone screen appears. It’s usually a timed exam with a deadline that needs to be met.

How Can You Prepare for a Technical Interview?

If you looking to crack the tech interview, then it is very important to prepare in advance. There were several problem-solving questions asked during the interview. even want to hear you discuss a similar subject to understand how you think. We have shared some hacks you can follow to practice for a tech interview:

  1. Ask a friend with tech experience to act as your interviewer. Practice explaining your thought process out loud to gain confidence.
  2. You can even participate in competitive programming to learn different aspects of different topics and projects.
  3. Make sure you can provide detailed explanations for any technical projects listed on your resume. This will help demonstrate your technical skills and experience.

Some Important Tips to Remember

  • Be ready and comfortable in strange circumstances.
  • Ask for guidance and speak your thoughts aloud.
  • Before your real interview, conduct a practice interview to boost your confidence. In a technical interview, candidates may occasionally be asked to respond to questions in a certain amount of time. To ensure that there are no problems during the real interview, you must prepare in advance.

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