When looking for work, personality type is important. Introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts tend to have various interests and employment alternatives that appeal to them. It’s important to select a career role that plays to your talents and works for you if you’re an extrovert, as you can be drawn to different types of professions than introverts like. This blog post lists six well-paying, high-paying careers that are ideal for extroverts based on their personality type and high earnings. Let’s first examine these professional choices and gain some understanding of extroverts and their positive traits.

What is meant by “extrovert”?

A person with high energy points is an extrovert. They enjoy socializing with others. If you enjoy socializing and going out. They feel at ease even in the most crowded environments; you are most likely an extrovert. They become easily bored in solitary situations. Their occupations should require active communication with teammates and other stakeholders are ideal for extroverts. Because of their social nature, extroverts do best in situations where they must interact with large groups of people. Some characteristics of extroverts include:

  • Team players
  • Confident
  • Outgoing
  • Socially adept
  • Talkative
  • Great at communicating
  • Expressive

Keeping these traits of extroverts in mind, let’s look at a few high-paying job profiles that can be excellent fits for outgoing individuals.

High-paying positions for extroverts

The following list contains four well-paying careers that fit the personality type of extroverts:

1. Sales Manager

A sales manager’s job is to guide the company’s sales personnel. They set targets, and goals for their teams. They are in charge of training and mentoring their team members to meet the sales quota. In addition, sales managers manage client relationships for better futures and opportunities. Sales management appears to be a good profession for extroverts because it demands teamwork, morale building, problem-solving skills, and other attributes associated with dealing with people. If you are good at selling, leading a team, and communicating, you might want to apply for this position as sales managers are constantly in demand. The average annual salary of a sales manager in India is 4.9 LPA and ranges anywhere between 2.0 lacs to 15.0 lacs.

2. Customer Success Manager

Customer success managers are also known as customer care managers. They are the showrunners for organizations and the primary point of contact between the company and its consumers. They are accountable for maintaining open lines of communication with clients. Further, must use their communication skills to describe the company’s products and services. For someone looking to become a customer success manager, having the ability to solve problems. It will make decisions quickly, and resolving conflicts is essential. They must be social, polite, and have excellent communication skills. The salary of a customer success manager in India ranges between 3.7 lacs to 25.0 lacs. In addition, the average annual income for the same is 10.2 LPA.

3. Event Manager

One of the best occupations for extroverts is event management. Events such as corporate gatherings, weddings, and birthday parties are under their personality traits. Every aspect of the events, such as planning the budget, hiring caterers and musicians, choosing the venue, decorating, and more, falls under their purview. An event manager’s responsibilities can change from one project to the next. Communicating with clients, social interactions, hosting guests, and other public dealing activities are common factors, however, they are all best suited for extroverts. According to AmbitionBox, their average yearly pay is 4 Lacs, with a salary range of 1.0 Lacs to 12.0 Lacs.

4. Public Relations Executive

As the name suggests, a public relations executive is in charge of maintaining positive relationships with their target audience and generating publicity. PR executives focus their efforts on creating awareness of their company’s brand and are responsible for all press releases, running social media campaigns, and promotions. In simple words, any communication that an organization wants to have with its customers will be done through its PR executive. It is a pro if they are outgoing and understand the dynamics of their audience as their job involves direct dealing with the public. Public relations directors work primarily outside, interacting with media, press, and other channels for promotion. Even though a PR executive position is just the beginning, it pays well. A Public Relations Executive’s yearly income in India ranges from 1.0 Lacs to 6.0 Lacs, with an average annual compensation of 3.0 LPA.

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