What We Do

Accounting and Bookkeeping

When you come to us to keep your books up to date, you may need us to clean them up, as well. You may come to us because you want to apply for financing but can’t without the information your lender needs. If you have anOnline account, we can look at it and assess what we need to do. We begin in the present and go back in time through your books. We will ensure the coding is correct, cleaned up, and reconciled to the current day. We’ll keep your P&L (profit and loss statement) up to date. We will run reports such as your balance sheet and P&L, weekly or monthly, depending on your needs. 


Tax Filing Preparation

From simple to complex tax returns, we’ve got you covered. Our tax professionals have seen it all. Get real help from real people. Thousands of small, medium, and large businesses use Voyager Partners each year for their tax return preparation. Our knowledge of income tax preparation, our enthusiasm, our commitment to our customers, and our selection of products is just the start of what we offer. Whether you choose Voyager Partners to prepare your personal or small business taxes, you’re getting a partner who will stand with you and actively seek out your best interests, biggest refunds or smallest legal tax liabilities.


Payroll services can be rendered with or without bookkeeping, depending on your needs. Payroll services include getting your timecards and processing your staff’s paychecks so that your employees receive direct deposit payments on time. We file all payroll forms, handle W2s and 1099s, as well as payroll taxes. Often clients begin with our bookkeeping services and then add payroll. We offer our clients wholesale pricing for QuickBooks Online and unparalleled value on our services.

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