Industries Served

We help companies set up their manufacturing processes seamlessly across countries. We handhold and navigate them through labour and trade laws, regulatory frameworks, tax pitfalls and solve the apprehensions of management of venturing into new grounds.
Healthcare organizations operate better when they offload burdens of managing corporate and tax affairs. We streamline finance and operations to help healthcare leaders focus on what they do best, drive better outcomes for their patients.
Voyager works with top educational institutions to help them utilize their finances to better facilitate learning for budding students. Our clients are able to innovate and transform the education sector as they are relieved of the stress of fiscal and operations planning.
We help our clients in the financial services sector minimize their compliance risks and harness better and more streamlined business models. We work with clients across banking and payments to plan better for evolving regulatory landscapes.
Our Clients in the transportation sector rely on us for their tax compliance, growth and corporate strategy. This helps them gain a competitive edge and focus on technology and innovation. It also helps the leadership take informed decisions based on detailed and insightful financial audits.
Our consultants help streamline the operations of massive companies in the Utilities and Energy space and help leadership prepare and be proactive to an ever changing legal and compliance landscape. We encourage all our clients to be ethical and environmentally conscious at all times.
The Logistics and Freight market has been a highly traditional and fragmented market until the last decade. The trend of digital transformation has caught up with the sector and leadership is often underprepared to deal with changes. We help leading Logistics firms develop winning strategies for today’s digital playing field.
Media and Entertainment
The Media industry is going through a huge transformation. The way content is being produced and consumed is changing forever. We help M&E industry focus on innovating their content offerings rather than being tied up in operations and compliance.
Digitization, Ecommerce and ever changing customer preferences are putting Retail stores at risk of being driven out. We help our client retail establishments relook at their corporate strategy and develop profitable models to fix their bleeding profit margins.
Real Estate
We help our Real Estate clients manage their corporate and financial strategy to prepare for market downturns or upswings. Our partners understand that local expertise is essential in industries such as Real Estate Development and work with clients to understand local markets perfectly.
Running software and technology business in this cut throat competitive era can be extremely challenging. We help global IT firms create a long term strategy that allocates budgets to opportunities and mitigates risks of disruption to help them thrive in this competitive market.
Insurers of today face a host of complex challenges especially in terms of enhanced compliance and regulatory requirements. Voyager’s partner network has extensive experience in the insurance sector and have helped multiple organizations set their house right.