Are you a USA based company or Business -Entity? Looking to set up your venture in India? Need an expert & trusted compliance partner?
Voyager Partners is the answer.

Consulting Services

Pre incorporation Consulting

Pre incorporation consulting helps to understand the best way to set up business in India i.e. should you start your venture as a subsidiary company, Branch office or Just a marketing office. We will advise you on pros and cons of each, keeping in mind various factors, such as ease of operations, Taxability, Funding movement and various legal restriction, which will help you to make a better informed decisions. Pre incorporation brainstorming is a must before you start to create your footprint in India.

Market Survey and research

We conduct related survey and research to vouch the assumption based on which you are toying to start business in India. It is a well knows fact that a survey or proper research is best way to test the water before venturing it. It will help to have realistic assumption and create a more practical business-launching plan and helps to avoid costly mistakes. We use different models to conduct survey on your target population and provide in-depth and detailed reporting to get a best understanding of market along with practical inputs to help you to make informed decisions.

Transaction Advisory

In case you are looking forward to undertake any transactions such as import or export or any projects in India from USA and need to understand on various tax and compliance implications on the said transactions. We can undertake Transaction advisory to clear doubts and provide in-depth report on the said transactions. Pre Transaction advisory is a must from an expert firm to avoid any unpleasant surprises from tax department of India.

Business incorporation Services

Incorporation and Registration

After due understanding of your business objectives we can recommend you to set a legal entity which matches the business criteria, at the same time that should be easy to operate and offer best tax structure. In India you can set up your venture with any of the following legal status: –
Wholly owned subsidiary company: – This is one of the most common way to set up business in India from USA, A Wholly owned subsidiary company offers complete control on the business entity at the same time it can work in perfect tandem with parent company. A subsidiary company will be perfect for
  • Setting up Indian Arm of a USA parent company
  • Setting Up a Marketing Company to procure orders from India
  • A manufacturing unit under license of parent company
  • Setting up a outsourcing unit for Engineering, Design, Software and other back office operations
  • Set up a Procurement office to procure, Raw material or parts from India
Setting up Limited Liability Partnership and Joint ventures: – This works best when you are planning to enter into a joint venture with any Indian business entity as a Partner. This gives Joint venture a legal status and secure both partner’s interest at the same time, by complying with mandatory compliance. This legal structure is best for
  • Joint venture projects
  • Limited period projects with an Indian Company
  • Joint development projects
  • Joint Sales and marketing projects
  • Outsourcing of marketing, Design, Distribution or other activities to an Indian entity where control and secrecy both are important

Indian Branch office/Liaison Office/ Project Office set up: – In Case you want to experiment first before entering full-fledged. Setting up a limited purpose Branch office can serve the only limited purpose. A branch office can not undertake full business activity and company need to appoint an Indian representative who resides in India to undertake all compliances as mentioned above a Branch office can work as a Liaison office or Project office.

Business Operations and Compliances Support Services

Accounting and Compliance Outsourcing

We undertake complete accounting and related compliance related outsourcing including MIS and other reporting to parent company on a fix monthly retainer-ship fees. With a dedicated team to handle outsourcing assignments, we are one of India’s leading online outsourcing services provider for to Accounts and compliance outsourcing.

Year on year tax compliance

We can also provide complete tax related compliance, return filing and certifications for company in India including transaction advisory.

Business Mandatory Registration

Post registration of Company We can also advise and undertake registration of various Registrations and Government Certificates such as Goods and Services tax registrations, labor licenses, Industrial Licenses, Export and Import related licenses etc.

Why United States of America (USA) Companies are best suited to start business in India

Business opportunities for USA Companies in India

Why Voyager Partners

India is a forest of opportunities you need a guide to get your destination without getting lost. Voyager Partners provide consultancy services for such wide range of above-mentioned assignments. For example, pre-investment counselling, or other studies, detailed design, contract preparation, and project supervision. We provide expert advice and help the client to start & manage business ventures in above-mentioned areas.

Any business Project needs to harness better business models to overcome shortcomings of the past and current challenges. Voyager Partners draws on profound experience across industries to help financial services institutions in every region, find innovative ways to optimize processes, reduce back office costs, align IT, manage risks, capture the economic benefits of building loyal customers, and plan for evolving competitive and regulatory landscapes.

Expertise - That Counts

We are handling more than 1500+ successful clients and providing them with services which covers Legal, Technical, Taxation and other business compliance part. That all says a lot on or ways of working and our expertise in the area.

Experience - That Matters

At Voyager Partners we have been our client’s obvious choice since more than 20 years. For serving you with the best results we use our experience of decades which has exposed us with deep understand.

Efficiency - That reflects in everything

With a strong team which comprises of experts with qualification like CA, CS, MBA & LLB and they will all available with the wholesome result, with dedicated customer service team and support staff. We are always there to execute your work efficiently.

Cost - That saves a Lot

We touch the top position not just because we are the best in what we do but also because we know the value of your time and money. We know the value of your time so all the work by Voyager Partners is performed on time and at around 70% less cost in comparison to all the other leading firms of the market that too without compromising on the quality aspect.

Conveniences - That says a Lot

The services of the firm are performed and delivered by using the cutting edge technology which makes the Voyager Partners always available & deliver services right in your email. So it doesn’t matter where you are because we are always at your finger tips.

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