Revenue Audit

THE OVERALL AUDIT OF REVENUES AND CONTRACTS FOR A LUXURY CAR RENTAL OPERATOR. Description The client wanted an overall study of the revenues, business process and contracts of the Dubai offices. Requirement Client reached out to Voyager Partners (VP) needing help in Accounting and Finance areas. Approach We organized a workshop with Accounting and Finance […]

Setting up Offices Across Continents

SETTING UP LEGAL ENTITIES ACROSS CONTINENTS FOR AN INVESTOR AND ADVISORY FIRM. Description Client is an international Investor and Advisory firm headquartered in Singapore with offices in Asia, Americas and Europe. Requirement Client needed legal entities set up in Europe, North America, and Asia. Legal structures that needed to be set up were complex in […]


TAX REVIEW FOR AN IT INFRASTRUCTURE FIRM. Description The client is a large IT Infrastructure firm operating in 25 countries. Requirement Comprehensive review of Tax, Audit and Accounting issues across firms globally between 2012 and 2016. Approach We did gap analysis with the global finance and accounting teams. Solution Fixed Assets management (register com pilation […]

Enhancing Payroll Process

SETTING UP EFFICIENT HR OPERATIONS FOR A SOFTWARE PRODUCT AND SERVICES FIRM. Description Client is a 1000+ Software Product and Services firm with headquarters in India and offices in USA, Europe and Australia. Requirement Audit of Payroll, Pay structuring of Salary in manner favoring employees, Resolution for all queries raised by employees post payouts. Solution […]

Assiting Accounting and Taxation

STANDARDIZING THE TAXATION AND ACCOUNTING PROCESS FOR AN EDUCATIONAL GROUP. Description A large educational group with 30+ campuses in Hyderabad. Requirement Client being one of the top educational institutions and being located in different parts of the city was challenged by lack of consistent process in their Taxation and Accounting departments. Approach VP team had […]

Setting Up A Subsidiary In Dubai

SETTING UP A 100% WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY IN DUBAI. Description Client is a fast growing global multinational firm in the field of critical communications headquartered in Hongkong. Requirement To identify a location for the client to set up a 100% wholly owned subsidiary in Dubai. As per Dubai Laws 51% ownership in any LLC should […]

Accounting And Finance Assistance

METHODIZING THE ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE SYSTEMS FOR AN IT SERVICES FIRM. Description Client is a global multinational IT services firm headquartered in Europe with offices in America and Asia. Requirement Client reached out to Voyager Partners (VP) needing help in Accounting and Finance areas. Solution Configured the chart of accounts, payroll, reporting dashboards and leadership […]